A Year's Initiation Journey
Around the Ancient Wheel

Lessons From the Ancient Ones: The Spirit's Journey

All the peoples of the Earth at one time honored and lived lives in tune with nature and the elements. They lived in relatively small groups and had simple needs that did not dramatically impact the environment. Civilization and its attendant legacy has given us centralized government, religion, modern education, science and industry -- but in the process we have suffered a great loss. We lost our primary relationship to the Earth and its rich heritage of sacred
wisdom. Recently the last remaining keepers of this heritage all over the world have been given signs that now is the time for revealing, sharing, and "re-membering" the wisdom of the old ways.

The Call of The Great Round: To Understand Balance and Live in Harmony

The predominant mode for learning in modern culture is linear and analytical. Knowledge is broken down into increasingly smaller and supposedly more manageable units. The goal of that process is to understand, predict and thereby control. The hierarchical religions seek to transcend nature rather than revere and therefore be in relationship with it. The ancients taught in rounds. Their learning was organic, unitive and balanced. They understood the need to transcend disintegration. Being dispirited, practicing learned helplessness and alienation are aspects of loss of personal power and loss of relationship with Spirit and connection with the earth. The old ways offered paths to integration and inner strength so that the wisdom gained could in turn be used in the external world for the good of all. Learning in a sacred round lays out for us our deepest and most basic cycles, our most organic rhythms, and our most fundamental yet ever evolving truths. It bridges the physical world and the realms of vision and imagination by embracing the universal web that supports all life.

Walking the Sacred Wheel: A Path of Mystery

Walking the Sacred Wheel is presented in a universal sense for all spiritual seekers on a Path. It shares from all the major traditions in an integrated experience of wholeness. It is designed as a year-long walk of discovery. Like all life, we are influenced by the rhythms of the earth. The wheel is divided into quarterly gates and thirteen moons that work in depth with the meaning of each season and the cardinal direction of that season. An opportunity is offered to learn from the natural world how to live in harmony with the seasons, attune to their deep changes, and thus explore and nurture our own inner worlds. Wheel work is a time-honored cross-cultural quest for knowledge and personal strength that predates all known religions, philosophies and psychologies. It is an ancient and powerful form of inner relationship and information retrieval. Four areas are accessed in the process: healing, development of inner strength or empowerment, accessing new or lost knowledge, and foretelling. The key aspect is that on this path one has a direct personal connection with Spirit rather than a mediated experience through a teacher, priest, minister, rabbi, guru, etc. The course presents methods and processes, but it is Spirit that does the teaching. The methods and process are the vehicle through which the necessary relationship is established. This is not a course in shamanism although we use shamanic techniques extensively throughout because they teach us how to be in relationship with nature and therefore in sacred relationship to ourselves and others. And, though Wheel work is a visionary quest in the mystery play we call life, it is not ascetic, nor a colorless way of self-denial; it is full, and earthy, it is sacred and it is fun.